Every three years, the Women Deliver Conference galvanizes momentum for gender equality. It is a bold and diverse gathering, a fueling station of ideas, and generator of action, convening thousands to identify solutions and drive change for girls and women.


Vancouver, Canada

The largest and most impactful conference to date, more than 8,000 people from 169 countries gathered under one roof (plus 200,000 via the global dialogue) to inspire political commitments, unveil new research, challenge power dynamics, and share solutions.



Copenhagen, Denmark

With a focus on making the newly-launched Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) matter most for girls and women, Women Deliver brought together 6,000 attendees – 97% of which said they would take action as a result of attending WD2016.



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Among 4,500 attendees, Women Deliver launched a social enterprise competition and convinced the Prime Minister of Malaysia to announce that family planning was a human right from the main stage.



Washington, DC

The event where, in addition to championing reproductive health issues with 3,400 attendees, Women Deliver also specifically invited and gave the floor to 100 young leaders.



London, UK

By bringing together 1,700 people and advocating with an investment case argument, Women Deliver got maternal health – MGD5 – back on the global agenda.


Connecting advocates and decision makers

Women Deliver Conferences bring together thousands of decision-makers from civil society, governments, the private sector, and international agencies alongside advocates, activists, and journalists for dialogue, evidence and solution sharing, accountability, and action – on site and around the globe. Built with partners, for partners, we deepen existing relationships and foster new ones.

Fueling global and country-level action

Women Deliver Conferences serve as a moment to rally, refuel, and champion girls and women on a global stage. Delegates leave energized with new ideas, strong connections, and dynamic inspiration for their work building a more gender equal world.

Influencing the global agenda

By focusing the world’s attention on the transformative potential of girls and women, Women Deliver Conferences send a powerful signal that investing in gender equality is foundational to progress for all. They catalyze action and global change.

A look back at WD2019